The Benefits of Blogging for Business

Why Blog? Is it a waste of time or will it eventually benefit my business?

Firstly, if you’re new to blogging and you think the whole concept is for online beauty gurus to get a little bit of extra cash by reviewing the latest product, then you’re wrong. This post “The Benefits of Blogging for Business” is in fact, a blog!

Now why should we use blogging as a marketing tactic in business?

1. It helps drive traffic to your website

Blogs are a unique way to drive unique customers to your website. The information on blogs may be useful to people who didn’t know about your business before hand. Due to the way blogs can be quickly spread this can drive lots of unique traffic to your website.

Blogs can also gives you a higher opportunity to show up in search engines and drive traffic from organic search. This is because with each blog post you create there’s more tags connected to your website and wider chance of somebody searching something in relation to those tags. In fact according to IMPACT 53% of marketers say blogging is their main marketing strategy.


2. You can convert your traffic into customers

With every blog post you write you have the opportunity to create conversion from a call to action. Examples of this are free ebooks, subscription to newsletter, free trials and free training programmes. These are just a short number of ways to convert your audience from blogs.

3. Keeps your customers engaged

One you have established your ‘blog writing’ techniques and regularly update your blog, customers will eventually look forward to reading your words! Which keeps your customers loyal and engaged with your company.

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