Careers in Digital Marketing


If you are still undecided on your desired career path, here are a few reasons why digital marketing careers may be ideal for you.


Why should I choose a career in digital marketing?

We are the born digital generation. We are always helping out our parents or grandparents when they struggle with technology; we’ve grown up with it our whole life so it comes as a second nature to us!

It’s the year 2017 and the digital industry is booming more than ever. The majority of businesses these days heavily rely on the use of digital marketing and social media to help advertise and promote their brand, products and/or services and is a highly cost-effective way to engage with your customers and increase your brand awareness.

The digital industry is constantly growing and developing new ways to reach potential customers, and you could be apart of it! This industry offers jobs for apprentices, graduates and qualified professionals. The industry is hugely international so there will be plenty of opportunities open to you and there are is a wide variety of different areas involved such as:

  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Optimisation
  • Google Analytics & AdWords
  • Email Marketing
  • Building content for a website

On top of the many things listed there is a lot more you can do within the sector. You are certain to find something that you enjoy and perform highly in.  Most companies will provide you with the necessary training in all areas, whether you are an apprentice, graduate or a full-time employee, which will give you the chance to progress throughout your career.

Apprenticeships are a great ladder to start off your career in the digital marketing sector. Whether you decide to join a large national organization or a small enterprise business, you will still gain the same skills and experience, but different companies have different benefits. Joining an SME will give you more opportunities for progression since there is less of a hierarchical structure and your work can get more recognition, increasing the chance fir promotion. On the other hand, a large national organization offers better resources and equipment, increased job stability and usually extra benefits such as higher salaries (and looks good for the CV).

Working within digital you will get the chance to work with some of the biggest brands in the world. Jobs in this industry usually offer great flexibility, sociable hours and basic salaries can range from 20-25k, later increasing to 30k + as you progress in your career.

Interested in a digital marketing career? Download this career guide here:

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