How Important is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Strategies

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It’s no secret that the world has become more & more digital by the day over the past few years. The way people consume information has rapidly changed since the early 2000’s, nowadays the public are getting digital content across several devices, whether that be mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers or many more devices, meaning companies that have not yet recognised this in their marketing strategies need to adapt fast to the changes or risk losing out on business & becoming obsolete.

Digital Marketing has thrown itself into importance due to it being a rapid growing force in Marketing itself but with the fact that it’s clearly the future of the industry as well. Digital has slowly collapsed all traditional forms completely.

Older methods of marketing such as books, magazines, newspapers & even radio are slowly being weeded out to make way for a new, more fresh generation of, well pretty much everything, technology has changed & for those who grew up with access to the internet & mobile phones, digital consumption is a must.

Lets set the record straight, all methods of digital communication & marketing are much faster, more versatile, more practical & streamlined to fit the user, therefore it’s no surprise that once this technology became avaialble we moved on to a more digital way of life.

Digital offers waves of potential to it’s consumers, just as it does to the marketers themselves.

There are many forms of digital marketing at present, that could well evolve over the coming years, as well as the fact that new methods of marketing will become available, here’s a few:-

  • Websites & SEO
  • Blogs (WordPress, Blogger, BlogLovin)
  • Internet Ads (Twitter, Facebook, Google)
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Analytics (Google)

So why would we use Digital Marketing?

To kick off, Digital Marketing is much more affordable than traditional or offline methods of Marketing, for instance, a TV ad will cost a hell of a lot more than an ad campaign on Google or Facebook, it also has the ability to reach a wider audience, with TV itself becoming more obsolete as the years pass on due to streaming networks such as Netflix & Amazon Prime.

Another benefit to Digital Marketing is that results can be tracked & monitored much more easily than, again a TV ad, were the only real way of testing it’s success would be via consumer questionnaire’s. This also allows for better planning when it comes to another campaign.

The bottom line is that the Digital world has arrived & business’ need to adapt to survive in the dog eat dog world that is Marketing!

See statistics in the infographic below.
Digital Marketing v Traditional Marketing

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