The Importance of Social Media Marketing

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Mobile devices are used by the majority of us, considered an essential accessory in our day to day lives. Allowing us to connect with friends, family and anyone, no matter where their location. Even if they’re the other side of the globe! Mobiles provide us with entertainment, the news, the weather, alerts, calendar, games, video chats etc; the possibilities are limitless.

In todays modern society, statistics show at least 1/3rd of people around the world have an online account. So it’s no wonder social media is considered one of the best ways of marketing! As well as advertising goods and contributing to the success and traffic of your company.



To take full advantage of social media platforms, marketers must do their research on different social media sites. How many ‘active’ users visit what most frequently? Why? Specifically looking into their target audience.

As of January, Facebook ranked highest with 1871 million active accounts followed by WhatsApp 1000 million, Instagram 600 million and then Twitter with 317 million users. Although snapchat is not in the top rankings, it does however, prove to capture and engage consumers. According to ‘Smart Insights’ people in 2015 spent 5.6 hours a day on mobile digital media. A breakdown of this is; 2.8 hours on a mobile phone, 2.4 hours on a desktop or laptop and then 0.4 hours on another connected devices.

Due to the vast amount of people globally on these sites, it essential for your businesses content to stand out to capture the interest of potential consumers and increase website traffic.

Furthermore, according to Hubspot, studies show that 80% of social media efforts, posts and content increased traffic. A massive 92% of marketers agreed also that social media is essential for their business.


A few Social Media benefits


  • Increased Brand Recognition

As there is such a high quantity of people online or simply searching the web, with the help of social media, you can reach out and promote your product or services to millions of people. Having a recognisable brand logo, and uploading quality content rather than quantity, can increase brand awareness significantly. Users can also view the reviews, likes and responses of others to give them a better insight and more confidence that products and services are legit.


  • Easier means of communication

Social media allows for small and large companies to connect with their audience on a more personal level, building a stronger relationship between consumer and seller. Social media is a tool for businesses to easily answer any queries or assistance needed by customers, it can also be seen by others to. It is easier to simply just send a tweet reply or direct message then for someone to wait around on the phone after calling customer services. By providing quick replies in wanting to help, this shows that the business cares about their customers needs.


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