How To Influence the Influencers

When working with influencers you can have incredibly varied outcomes, because every single influencer is different; each one is their own person, with their own lives, doing their own thing (and sometimes work in digital marketing themselves). For that reason, in this post I focused on how to influence the influencer.

Get Social!

Social media is a very powerful tool, it can help you get to know your influencer’s interests and if they would be suitable for your client. It can also help figure out if the brand is right for the influencer’s audience.

Social Media

To attract bloggers to your project, it’s important to get your social media posts and profile just right. For example, Twitter is a really popular platform used extensively by both bloggers and brands – so it’s essential that you’re able to stand out from the thousands of other tweets that influencers see on a daily basis.

Here Are Some Top Tips to Consider When Using Twitter to Attract Influencers:

Make sure you have a profile picture. This makes your profile look much more personal. Besides, you don’t want to look like you’re out to catfish anyone!

We all know that tweets can only include 280 characters, so it’s vital to include as much information as possible when posting. Try to include the type of blogger you’re looking for, the subject of the blog and any blogger incentives.

Twitter Logo

Top Hashtags to Find Influencers on Twitter:


You can also use hashtags to search for specific types of bloggers, for example:

#fbloggers (fashion bloggers)
#tbloggers (travel bloggers)
#bbloggers (beauty bloggers)

Make Sure Your Brand Matches the Blogger

Always browse through every bloggers’ content and make sure that your proposal is relevant/beneficial to them. Make sure that the brand, product or campaign that you are approaching the blogger with is something that they will be excited about.

Creating content that influencers like is much easier and the end result will most likely be of a higher quality.

Even if your client is a smaller or lesser known brand/company, it is about how you pitch them to influencers you work with. In this case, it’s very similar to the approach you would use when contacting the press – you need to grab their attention.

Maintain Influencer Relationships

You are creating a relationship with someone that you’ll probably only talk to via email or social media. There won’t be that many occasions where you can call an influencer that you’re working with. And unless you’re running an event that you are inviting influencers to, you won’t meet them face to face. That means that you need to try hard and make sure that you are easy to work with, your emails are clear and you’re always honest.

student-on-computer-digital marketing

Follow influencers on social media, it’s great to know what they are up to when you are approaching them to work with you. Do make sure you know what their blog is about, what they like and what they prefer to write about.

It’s very likely that you will work with the same blogger more than once. And similar to all other situations, you wouldn’t start introductions all over again as if you have never met!

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