Keeping Your Mobile Phone Secure

It’s highly important to keep your phone secure these days. In an ever increasing digital society, mobile phones have become essential in everyday life. A modern mobile telephonic device encompasses a range of features and can be used for almost everything, including:

• Phoning, texting and messaging
• A camera to take photos or videos
• Online banking or contactless payments
• Maps and satellite navigation systems
• Internet browsing, e.g. online shopping
• Various social media applications
• Fitness trackers or applications
• Emails
• Gaming
• Music
• Calendars
• Some can even make you a coffee in the morning!

Dangers of losing your mobile phone:

By becoming so reliant on our mobile phones, we are now more aware of the implications of damaging or losing our mobile device and the stressful situation that often follows. There can sometime be a time delay in receiving a replacement device, particularly if you are not covered by insurance. As mobile phones offer more and more convenience, we can often forget how inconvenient it can be to lose or damage our phones.

The financial impact of damaging or losing your mobile phone can be costly in terms of time and expenses. There are also mobile security risks: mobile phones often store a lot of personal information which can be a real problem if your phone ends up in the wrong hands. There is also a particular danger if your phone is stolen, as people may now have access to your bank card or bank details. It’s really important to keep your phone secure and personal details protected to prevent the risk of fraud.

FACT: Research shows 50% of people would rather lose their wallet than their mobile phone!

Phone Security tips:
• Keep your mobile phone close to you – Do not leave it unattended in a public place.
• Always make sure you have logged out of your shopping or banking apps – try not to use the ‘remember me’ option when logging on.
• Keep your mobile device up to date with the latest software to avoid malicious software.
• Make sure you set up anti-theft tools such as ‘Find my iPhone’ for example, which allows you to tracks the phone’s location if it’s missing.
• Always make a backup of the data on your phone – you may not be able to recover images or files once lost.
• Set up a lock screen for your device and try to use a fairly complex password. Setting your phone to auto lock after being idle for some time is always a good idea.
• Protect your device with antivirus software and app security to prevent viruses or hackers.
• If your phone is lost or stolen, immediately cancel or block the phone from being used.

Check out this video for more information:

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