5 ways to improve Mobile Device Security

Technology is becoming increasingly more simple to navigate. There are also a few negatives that come along with it’s positives. So, here are the top five ways to improve your Mobile Device Security.

1. Setting up Passcode locks to improve mobile device security

This one might be the most obvious answer, but quite surprisingly it is often the most overlooked because  it’s a case of people not being bothered to set up a passcode, or maybe having one so that is simple and easy to guess.

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2. Using Cloud storage backup to improve mobile device security

It may seem like a lot of effort to set up cloud storage for your mobile device, but once it has been set up, it’s definitely worth it because this software therefore backs up your images, videos, music and any other files to a cloud.

Cloud Mobile Device Security

3. Downloading ‘Find my device’ apps improve mobile device security

Some mobile phones/tablets have started to introduce a ‘Find my device’ app, one of them being Apple. So, if you link your mobile, tablet and/or laptop together, you will be able to locate your device via GPS.

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4. Installing anti-virus softwares to improve mobile device security

Most devices offer anti-virus softwares. Some of these are free, most noteworthy, AVG. These anti-virus softwares can tell you if a website or downloadable file looks suspicious or not, and can scan your entire device to look for harmful files.

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5. Complete a remote wipe of your device

If your mobile device does go missing or is stolen, you are able to do a complete wipe of everything on the phone remotely. So, to keep the device out of the hands of criminals, perform a remote wipe.

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