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National Army Museum’s Facelift

Stand to attention

Some of your reading this may have never heard of the National Army Museum as one of the leading authorities of the origins and history of the British Army. Like you, before I began work at the National Army Museum , I will admit I was in the same boat.

Born and bred in London, I thought my knowledge of our nation’s history and museums was well established, however, this soon came to not be the case as I began to delve into the National Army Museum’s extensive collection and how it told the long-standing history and origins of the British Army.

Located in the affluent area of London’s’ Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, this museum has been allowing visitors access to its huge collection since the 70’s. The collection has grown over the years and evolved into what it now has in its possession.

National Army Museum

A recent facelift of the museum between 2014-2017 saw a whole new residence built from the ground up, from a new building to a new brand and a new website.

Upon my first days of working at the museum, I had the pleasure of exploring the brand-new galleries to help me understand what the types of items were in the collection and how the museum displayed this to its visitors.

Marching forward

I was pleasantly surprised at the layout of the galleries to show a narrative of each aspect of the British Army, its history, and its influence not just in our society but across the globe.
The museum consists of five permanent galleries which include the soldier gallery , army gallery, society gallery , battle gallery and the insight gallery. Each of these galleries tells a different story, but the one gallery that grabbed my attention the most was the soldier gallery .

Soldier gallery

This gallery tells the story of a soldier’s experience within the British Army ranks. With a mixture of collection items, digital interactives and soldiers own personal stories, this helped establish a solid gallery that visitors not only get answers from but also ask questions about the British Army and insights further exploration and this is where the National Army Museums newly developed website helps.

Let’s get digital

A brand new, sleek looking website that works well on both computers, tablets, and smartphones helps the team at the National Army Museum bring to life more stories and connect visitors to items from the collection that otherwise would be hidden away collecting dust and not being shared with the world.

National Army Museums new website

Stories in the explore section help build upon the collection in a whole new way allowing anyone from self-developers to academic’s access any time of day, and not limited to the opening hours of the museum itself.

The museum also allows the team a way to bring visitors the most up to date news about events at the museum from talks, to tours and even temporary exhibitions.

Boots on the ground

The National Army Museum has a lot to offer anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge of history and the British Army. From the galleries to the events I for one would recommend a day out to visit the National Army Museum and see for yourself, don’t just take my word for it, visit today and see for yourself.

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