What do I mean?

NOW, you may be wondering from the title what am I talking about? aren’t you contradicting yourself since you’re doing a digital marketing apprenticeship? What does this even mean?

Well, it literally how it sounds. MARKETERS RUIN EVERYTHING!

The main reason for this is because we all have one goal in mind, one glorious goal that a lot of us are fixated on…which is making sales and increasing revenue through the campaigns which we create.

Money is what most people strive through. Searching for new tactics and ways for us as marketers to exploit, so we can promote products out to our consumers is what we aim to do. Whenever a new piece of technology is produced or a new app pops up on your phone. That has gained some attention towards it, we don’t respond like the norm. We look for how can I use this new app or technology to reach a new audience. We did it when Television became a platform, to view moving images since before 1947.

Before TV

The majority of people had to listen to radios to catch up on the news, shows, and advertisements. When TV was released we (marketers) ran towards this revolutionary technology and saw the marketing capabilities. Now on every TV we have ads pop up the majority of our viewing time.

Social media, once a place for you to ask your friends (whilst on the toilet) “what’s up?” on what’s app has become the biggest global factor to a marketing campaign. You can guarantee that 90% of companies have a team based on social media marketing and when this platform was introduced we marketers jumped onto potential golden apple it was going to become.

We found from all technical improvements throughout the years that they all came with some sort of marketing quirk that we have the ability to exploit to some degree but we need to understand why this is and how we actually ruin everything with out ads, psychological wording, AB test and so on.

Our Attention

So why do we see an advertisement on literally everywhere? have you ever thought about it? You watch a video on YouTube, scroll through your Facebook feed, Check out the latest gossip on the web. DON’T YOU SEE THE SIMILARITIES?

It’s ATTENTION! it’s where the markets attention goes that we have to react and move towards it. Attention is the biggest KPI of a marketing strategy and understands that attention by tailoring our campaign towards it is what will is what makes a marketing campaign successful. So if you’re ever asked why market on Instagram? It’s because there’s an audience there that I can leverage.

Now to end, the main reason I believe “Marketers ruin everything” is because wherever the attention goes you can guarantee that a marketer has already dominated the platform so expect there to be ads. For us marketers it’s the life, to interrupt peoples day with our ads.

However, saying all this doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! It just goes to show that if you want to be an amazing marketer you need to develop on one skill, it’s your sense to react to the market and see where your audience it going and from there provide valuable content that will cause a reaction making people move.

Attention is everything and marketers ruin everything.



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